Professional Expense Reimbursement (PERA)

About PERA

The Professional Expense Reimbursement Allowance (PERA) is an amount available to faculty and librarians who are governed by the Memorandum of Agreement between the University of Toronto and UTFA.

Approved expense reimbursement claims will be paid in accordance with standard University expense reimbursement policy. Goods acquired from this fund are the property of the University. Any balance remaining may be carried forward from one fiscal year to the next.

Please note that upon cessation of appointed employment with the University (including upon retirement) any unused portion of the expense reimbursement funds reverts to the University.


Each faculty member (excluding clinicians, adjunct faculty, visiting faculty, status only appointments) and librarian, whose FTE is 25% or greater, will be entitled to claim reimbursement for University business expenses included on a mutually agreed upon list of eligible expenses related to their position with the University of Toronto.

Eligible employees are defined as follows:

  • Faculty (Professoriate, Lecturers and Senior Lecturers, Tutors and Senior Tutors, Athletics Instructors and Senior Athletics Instructors )
  • Librarians

Faculty members and Librarians on LTD and Unpaid leave (except parental and maternity leave) are not eligible for PERA.

Eligible Expenses

Listed below are eligible expenditures, which may be summarized as anything which constitutes legitimate University business and which is currently eligible for reimbursement under our current reimbursement program.

The Guide to Financial Management, Travel and Other Reimbursable Expenses section, defines expenses eligible for reimbursement, indicating that “The University of Toronto will reimburse out-of-pocket, university business travel and related expenses that are legitimate, reasonable and appropriate for the business activity undertaken, and that meet the terms and conditions imposed by the funding source used to pay for them.”

The funds provided under the faculty and librarian expense reimbursement program may be used to pay for any expenses eligible for reimbursement in the Guide to Financial Management such as:

  • membership fees for professional and/or learned societies related to the faculty member’s or librarian’s discipline;
  • subscription to professional and/or learned journals;
  • books, materials, equipment and services directly related to research;
  • registration fees for attendance at scholarly conferences;
  • travel including transportation, food, and accommodation (subject to the University’s travel policy) for attendance at scholarly conferences, seminars, workshops, field trips, and research;
  • computer hardware and software and supplies used in performance of academic duties;
  • expenses incurred in preparation and completion of scholarly manuscripts, and page or reprint charges;
  • office supplies relating to the performance of teaching and research duties; and,
  • fees incurred for professional development.

Annual Amounts Provided

July 1, 2019


Pre-tenure faculty, pre-promotion teaching stream, full-time continuing pre-permanent status librarians

Tenured faculty, continuing teaching stream, all other librarians, contract-limited term assignment (CLTAs), limited-term lecturers

Full-Time $2,000 $1,700
$1,600 $1,360
(25 to 49%)
$1,000 $850